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Creating a certificate

To Create a certificate for a module you are a creator of you can click the 'My Modules (1)' tab on the top navigation. Click the name of the module you want to add the certificate to then click the 'Certificates (2)' tab.


Once in the certificate tab you can either choose to edit a previous certificate from the drop down menu or click the 'Add New Certificate' button to create a new one.


First give your new certificate a name.


Then you can either choose from 3 of our preset certificate templates (1) or upload your own certificate image (2)


Here we have chosen one of the templates and you can see here there are a few pre filled fields that you can move around if needed.

Here 'Learner's name' and the '01/01/2000' fields can be clicked and dragged around on the template to change their positions. These fields have placeholder text and will be updated automatically with the name of the learner and the current date when they unlock the certificate.


If you scroll down the page you can see a more detailed description of each of the fields added to the certificate and change various settings such as font size, bold/italics and its position.


At the bottom of the page there are options to add a new text field or add an image field.

To add a text field simply click the 'Add Custom Text' button.


This then adds an additional text field area to edit. Here the text that will be displayed on the certificate has been edited.


You can scroll back up to the certificate layout and click and drag the new text field to the appropriate spot.


Once you have your new text field in the correct place just release the mouse button.


If you would like to add a custom image to your certificate scroll down to the bottom and click the 'Add Custom Image' button.


A new image section will be added and now you can click the 'Choose Image' button (1), navigate to your custom image (2) then click the 'Open' button (3) to add the image.


Here you can see a preview of the image that was added.


To position the new image element scroll up to the certificate layout and click and drag the image to the correct place.


If you want you can single click the image which will add resize handles around your image. Now you can click and drag one of the handles and increase/decrease the size of your image.


You can also manually change the 'Scale' in the image section shown here.


In this image you can see the signature image has increased in size.


To see what the final certificate will look like you can scroll to the bottom and click the 'Test PDF' button. Alignment can be slightly different from the certificate template. So it's best to check the Test PDF and templates to get everything positioned how you like.


Here you can see what a user will see when they unlock the certificate. It will show your name and a dummy date.

Creating Certificate
Certificate Question Type

Certificate Question Type

Background Colour

Insert a new question to your module level. Choose 'Certificate' from the drop down menu.


Add a message to show users when they have unlocked the certificate.


In the 'Certificate to unlock' section you can choose from any certificates you have made for the current module.


Points required in module

The 'Unlock requirement' section lets you choose from 3 different ways to unlock the certificate. Here we will go through the first option 'Stars required in module'. (Scroll down further for other options.)


In the 'stars in module required' section you can set the points required to unlock the certificate. To the far right is the total amount of points available for your module which you cannot exceed.


In the 'Message if not unlocked' section you can put in a message for users to see if they dont meet the requirements to unlock the certificate.


Points required in level

The second unlock requirement to choose from is 'Stars required in level'. This option lets you set the minimum amounts of points a user must get in the level this certificate question is attached to.


You can set the minimum amount of points a user must get in the 'Stars in level required' section. To the far right is the maximum amounts points currenty available in the current level, which you cannot go over.


Percentage of points required (to this point)

The third requirement option is 'Percentage of stars required (to this point)'. This option lets you set the minimum percentage of points required to this point in the module. So any points achieved from levels after this one don't count.


In the 'Percentage of stars required (to this point)' section you can set the minimum percentage required. ​






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