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Module Users and Buying Credits

How to go PRIVATE

After you have created a Module you can choose to set it's access type. Public and Private. Public displays your Module on the main Glims tab and it will be searchable by anyone. Private means your Module is only playable by people you choose. You can either create a Group and give the Group code to anyone you want to join or you can add people individually.

To set your Modules access type. Goto the 'My Modules' (1) on the top nav bar then click on the Module you want to edit (2).


To set your content to "private", goto "MODULE USERS" tab (1) and under "MODULE ACCESS" click 'Private Access' (2)


Click the 'ok' button to proceded to the checkout to purchase private access.

Buying Credits

Buying Credits

Credits are used to fully unlock and play community created modules or to add specific users to your private module. There are multiple ways to buy credits in GLIMS. If you attempt to unlock a module that requires a credit to play you will be asked if you want to buy credits or you can use the two following ways.

Simply goto the top right of the screen and click the 'Credit' button found just under the profile button.


You will then be taken to this screen where you can click the 'Buy Now' button to be taken to the checkout page.


In the checkout page you can add any discount coupons or proceed with payment details.


The second way to buy credits is buy clicking the profile button at the top right corner of the page (1) and clicking the 'Buy Credits' section (2).

You will then go through the previous two screens as shown in the above screenshots.

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